The Benefits of Imprinted Concrete

Many of us are already familiar with surface coatings such as gravel, stone, brick, and asphalt. However, advancements in modern technology as well as an eye for aesthetic beauty have enabled Kent Line Drives to offer an interesting (and stunningly beautiful) alternative known as imprinted concrete. How is this material installed and what are some of its primary benefits?

A Quick Look at the Installation Process

Imprinted concrete is normally laid out in sections. The underlying ground is first graded and levelled in order to ensure a flat upper surface. The concrete mixture will then be poured into several segments. Thereafter, a specific template is placed over the wet concrete (this is when the surface is literally imprinted with a design). Once dried, this surface offers a stylised and eye-catching allure.

Kent Imprinted Concrete Service

An Undeniable Aesthetic Appeal

One of the advantages associated with imprinted concrete is that it is possible to choose from a plethora of design options. Some of these may even be directly specified by the customer. There are also times when the aggregate itself can be coloured to match existing areas of a home. Not only does this type of concrete installation provide a superior sense of flexibility, but it is just as durable when compared to traditional alternatives. Are you hoping to learn more about our imprinted concrete services? If so, a representative is only a phone call away.