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Patio Front Garden

We were asked by our client Isabelle from Kent to remove her old concrete front patio and replace it with a new front patio that would make here property look more attractive and more presentble.

There was a long flowerbed to the side of the brick wall that the Isabelle didnt want anymore. A big portion of this was dug up along with the old concrete patio leaving us with a blank canvas to work with. All concrete and debris was removed and disposed of in a correct manner. Isabelle chose indian sandstone paving slabs which were laid to the front of the property creating a small but practical patio area and pathway. We placed sand coloured blocks around the small area to the side of the brick wall where a part of the bushes were left. This created a lovely garden feature that would be easy to manage.

Isabelle loved her new front garden and couldnt thank us for enough for providing a great service.

Project Details